I Tried The New UV-light Toothbrush Sterilizer On My Kids’ Toothbrush Bristles — Here’s How It Works

“It’s normal for kids to get sick randomly… right?” I asked. “That’s just part of growing up.”

But even as I said the words out loud, there was this nagging “mother’s intuition” in the back of my mind wondering…

“What if these ‘24 hour bugs’ my kids get so often aren’t just coincidence… what if it’s something I’m doing (or NOT doing) that’s to blame?”

As I shared my concerns with a girlfriend I trusted, Penny—also a mom—she asked me the STRANGEST question:

“When was the last time you cleaned their toothbrushes?”

“WHAT?! CLEANED their toothbrushes??” I asked.

Aren’t toothbrushes self-cleaning? You just put the toothpaste on them and that cleans them, right?”

Turns out, I couldn’t be more wrong.

Apparently, Penny’s dentist told her that your kid’s toothbrush is often the third dirtiest thing in your house1. (Just after your soaked-in-filth dish sponge.)

“Think about it…” she asked. “Would you EVER put toothpaste on your used dish sponge… then tell your kids to put it in their mouth?! HECK NO!”


In fact, between your kids’ morning and evening teeth cleaning, the leftover bacteria on their toothbrushes can grow to a colony of 10 MILLION bacteria cells in just 12 hours.

And… the average toothbrush has over 100 MILLION nasty germs living on it. (So gross!)

That’s when it all made sense to me:

Our kids' immature immune systems aren’t as efficient as adults2. They haven’t developed immunity to the most common germs yet.

At the same time, they’re sticking these “bacteria sticks” in their mouths twice a day. No wonder they’re constantly getting sick!

When Penny noticed my state of shock, she started laughing. “Don’t worry,” she said. “I freaked out too… but now there’s something you can do about it. I’m not even worried about those germs at all anymore!”

Then Penny Showed Me This BRILLIANT New Toothbrush Cleaning Device Called Bril… Thank Goodness!

When Penny first told me there was a solution, I was worried that it would be some sort of soap, spray, or chemical cleaner that I would have to worry about my kid ingesting…

But then Penny explained that this new “toothbrush sterilizing device” is all-natural, completely safe, and kills up to 99.9% of germs.

It uses the same technology used to sanitize equipment in hospitals, airports, schools, and even on the International Space Station: Ultraviolet (UV-C) LED light!

Now, you should know that Penny ONLY uses eco-friendly, all-natural products in her home… so I knew that if it passed HER safety test, then I felt more than comfortable trying it for my kids, too.

Naturally, I went right out and bought a set for our family… and I’m so glad I did!

Here’s What It’s Like To Use The Bril Toothbrush Sterilizer:

First off, Bril is a compact little case that includes a built-in UV sterilizer.

All your kids have to do is put their toothbrushes inside Bril when they’re done brushing

and the UV light will automatically begin cleaning.

In just 3 minutes, the device will sterilize 99.9% of the bacteria on the brush – all the way down to the base of the bristles.

It’s super convenient… they’ll never forget to sterilize!

Then, it automatically shuts off when it’s done cleaning – no need to worry about your kids draining the battery every day. And recharging it is simple – just plug it into the USB charger about once a month.

It really is that easy! Even better, it works on any toothbrush style or size—kids to adults. (Yup… it also works on electric toothbrushes.)

I look at it this way: When you use Bril, it’s like you’re giving your kids a brand new toothbrush every time they use it.

Ever since we got ours, we haven’t had a single “24-hour bug”. I can’t say for sure that it was all thanks to Bril… but I CAN say I feel 10 million times safer now that we have it. And that’s priceless!

Here’s Why I’ll Never Let Anyone In My Family Use A Toothbrush That Hasn’t Been Cleaned With Bril Again:

After learning all this icky stuff about my kids’ toothbrushes, I realized something…

My husband and I are ALSO consuming this “bathroom bacteria”!

That’s why we decided to get ourselves a Bril, too.

It’s not just about the icky factor, either – there are plenty of reasons why we all use Bril to sterilize our brushes:

  • Good oral health leads to good overall health3. (my kids aren’t getting sick like they used to!) Your mouth is the entry point to your entire digestive and respiratory tracts. By keeping unwanted bacteria out of your kid’s mouths, you're doing SO MUCH to protect them against a host of infections and diseases.
  • No more worrying about the nasty filth of my kid’s bathroom ending up in their mouths. Did you know that every toilet flush sends microscopic bacteria flying up to 6 feet, landing on every type of surface, INCLUDING your kid’s toothbrush that they always leave lying on top of the sink? Gross! With Bril, I now know that e. Coli & staphylococci might find their way onto my kid’s bathroom floor… but NOT into their mouths.
  • Bril’s UV-C (ultraviolet) LED light is the SAFEST way to clean your toothbrush. In fact, the CDC recommends this type of UV cleaning technology as one of our “best defenses against viruses and bacteria.”4,5 And the Bril toothbrush sterilizer is FDA registered, too.

… and since it fits all our toothbrushes, protecting everyone in my family was as easy as ordering a 3-pack on their official website!

In fact, we love our Brils so much that we’ve created a new “rule” in our family: Wherever our toothbrushes go, our Brils go too!

Luckily, Bril’s sleek & modern-looking case is compact enough that it’s a BREEZE to travel with. And it actually PROTECTS your toothbrush bristles for when you just throw your kid’s toothbrush in their backpack or your toiletry bag. (Because those are gross and dirty too!)

Bril also keeps the mess off your bathroom counter with its built-in magnet, allowing you to hang it up and out of the way - how genius is that?!

All things considered, I’m extremely happy Penny introduced me to Bril. It’s given us peace of mind – not to mention fewer sick days. Now, if only they would create a dish sponge sterilizer…

UPDATE: Here’s how to get the best price on the Bril toothbrush sterilizer!

If you’re now officially grossed out at the thought of your family using a nasty toothbrush (like I am), now is the PERFECT time to give Bril a try… because they’re running an AWESOME special.

Buy 2 - Get 1 free!


Buy 3 - Get 2 free AND free shipping!

Let’s get real. You’re not going to want to have ONE toothbrush sterilizer in a home with 3-5 toothbrushes! Which is why I bought a pack of them right off the bat.

I figured that if I didn’t like them, or they didn’t work… I could just send it back for a full refund in the first 30 days.

That’s plenty of time to test out if it works for your family. The truth is that the peace of mind I have from knowing that my kids aren’t putting those filthy germ-filled toothbrushes in their mouths anymore is MORE than worth the affordable price.

But with us now replacing toothbrushes less often, we’re actually SAVING money in the long run! It’s definitely worth giving it a try.

Representations regarding the efficacy and safety of Bril have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease. This information does not constitute medical advice and it should not be relied upon as such. Consult with your doctor before modifying your regular medical regime.

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